Why Have Maintenance On Your Air Conditioner?

Have you ever come home from work or a vacation trip only to find that your air conditioner was not working? They tend to break down when it is the most inconvenient time. One way to cut down on unnecessary breakdowns is by having preventive maintenance on your air conditioner on a regular basis.

Avoid An Unexpected Service Call...Get A Maintenance Done Before This Happens!

Avoid An Unexpected Service Call…Get A Maintenance Done Before This Happens!

According to FPL, the average air conditioner in South Florida runs for over 2800 hours in a year. It also accounts for more than half of the energy consumed in residential households every month. Keeping your air conditioning system properly maintained will ensure that it is running at optimum efficiency. Preventive maintenance on an air conditioning system is just as essential as preventive maintenance on a car.

Like a car, the air handler (inside unit) and the condenser (outside unit) have many functional parts that are in use every time the system is running. People know that a car should have its oil and filter changed every few thousand miles, frequently check the condition of the tires, and about once a year have a technician look over the engine, belts, and plugs.

It is no different for your home or office air conditioning system. The air filter should be replaced at least once per quarter, but to maximize efficiency it should be changed every month. The drain lines need to cleaned, and at least once a year the belts, capacitors, and wiring connections need to be looked over.

It is easy to forget about the maintenance of your air conditioner since the best air conditioners are those that you can’t see, hear, or feel. However, a regular and consistent preventive maintenance schedule can save you on service calls and even help to prolong the life of your air conditioning system.

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