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Air Conditioning Problems?

What to Check Before Writing a Check What’s your reaction when the AC goes out, especially this time of year? Most people panic a little, then pick up the phone and call their AC company to request a service call. Well, before you incur that kind of expense (and possibly embarrassment), you can check several […]

It’s “Cool” to Be Dry

4 Ways to Lower Humidity in Your Home When it’s hot and humid outside, it shouldn’t be inside. But often, summertime weather in South Florida, along with other factors, may cause the air in your home to be more humid. What does that mean for you? Well, for one thing, it may be uncomfortable because […]

The Mini Split: Nothing to Do With Romance

Have you heard about the Mini Split? And no it’s not a break-up after a short-term romance. Or you might think it has something to do with chopping wood. No, that’s not the case either. The Mini-Split is an amazing solution for cooling a room, garage, office or small space. Especially when it’s an add-on […]


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