About Us

TRAVERSAIR, INC. was started in 1992 by Tim Travers.  Tim had worked for several air conditioning companies before recognizing an opportunity and a need for a company to provide a real service and not just sell the customer something they do not need. During this interim he became State Certified and decided to go out on his own.

TRAVERSAIR strives to always do the right thing for the customer. The company has grown over the years but it’s core philosophy hasn’t changed, which is why many of our customers have entrusted us with their Air Conditioning needs for over 20 years.

Tim’s knowledge, expertise and professionalism reflect his passion for the HVAC trade, which translates into every aspect of TRAVERSAIR. Through continuous training and education we keep up with the latest trends in our industry.

TRAVERSAIR is a full service HVAC contractor offering commercial and residential design, installation, service and maintenance through Palm Beach and Martin counties. We look forward to providing you a quality of service that is second to none.


Meet The Team

timtBorn in Cook County Illinois, Tim moved to Florida at an early age with his parents and has lived in Palm Beach County most of his life. After an honorable discharg from the Marine Corps, he took a job with a local air conditioning company and fell in love with the trade.  Air conditioning combines several trades into one, which provides multiple opportunities and rewards at the same time. The reason he founded TRAVERSAIR was to provide professional solutions for his customers’ air conditioning needs and concerns.

He believes in leading by example and always doing the right thing. When he’s not at the office or meeting with clients, he is spending time in his garden or playing the guitar, and occasionally sneaks some sleep in too.




tim-d-bioTim was born and raised in Florida, and one could say that the HVAC trade runs in his blood. He first started to learn about the trade from his dad at an early. Tim prefers to work in the service and repair end of the business, but likes the steady projects the construction end offers. He favorite thing is figuring out a difficult situation and leaving the customer happy and satisfied.

Tim is a husband and father foremost, he also likes to watch football (go Dolphins) and work on his house. He played the bass guitar in a band for 15 years. Although the band stopped playing shows, he still slaps the bass every now and then.


Michael started working in the air conditioning trade just over 2 years ago. What attracted him to this field was the fact that it is mostly hands on and the satisfaction of a job well done. His attention to detail and problem solving skills quickly earned him the opportunity to run smaller construction projects and manage his own team.

Born in Virginia, he has lived in South Florida for over 15 years. In his free time, he enjoys fishing, golfing, or scuba diving.


james-lJames is an industry veteran with over 9 years experience working in many different aspects of the HVAC trade. He enjoys every challenge that comes with troubleshooting and fixing air conditioner systems. One of the main reason he got started in the air conditioning trade was because of all the opportunities to provide a good future for his family.

As a Florida native, his passion lies on the baseball fields. He loves to coach his son as well as work with the local Little Leagues.




Wes was born in Miami and lived in Florida his entire life. He graduated from a HVAC trade school in 2015. What he enjoys most about working in air conditioning is the variety of things he gets to do. He likes that the job comes with learning something new every day, and also likes to be part of a team to help create a comfortable environment for the customers of the company. Spending time with family and friends, and playing some video games, are what he looks forward to the most after a day at work.


Sabrina started with TRAVERSAIR while pursuing her degree in school. She helps with the day to day operations in the office and even though she doesn’t go out in the field she learns something new every day. One of her goals is to finish her master’s degree. She enjoys spending time with her family and son, traveling, and always challenging herself to better.