Whats Up…in Your Attic?

It’s easy to ignore your attic since you don’t see it every day. And it can be a little scary to climb up there, much less crawl around. But think about this. Your attic can be home to leaks, unsealed cracks and holes, critters, inadequate insulation and energy loss. And those issues not only can cost you money, they can cause you discomfort as well.

In South Florida, many of these issues can occur year-round. For example, while the last two summers have been the hottest on record here, the winters have also been warmer. And if your air conditioner is running, but it’s not bringing the temperature down and your power bills are higher than normal, the problem just might be in your attic. So here are 4 things to consider that might save you money and keep you from worrying about what’s up in your attic.

Air-Conditioning-JupiterCheck Your Crawl Space

You should inspect your attic annually. In most other parts of the country, experts recommend you do it in the spring so you can do any needed work before cold winter temperatures kick in. But here, you can do it just about anytime of year. And you might want to consider hiring a professional who’s at ease in the attic and knows what to look for.

Seal up

In some cases, the nooks and crannies in your attic are intentional. But most are probably cracks and holes that need to be sealed. In addition to looking for gaps in your roof walls and floors, while you’re up there, also check your ducts. For example, grease spilling out of an opening around an exhaust duct from your kitchen range could be a fire hazard. A leak in your air conditioning duct can certainly take a toll on your system and your power bill. Be sure to check your roof tiles too.


Nine out of ten homes have insufficient insulation. It’s important to measure the depth of your insulation and consult DIY sources or professionals to determine what yours should be. If you see exposed framing or discolored insulation, you need to increase your coverage.

Make a Choice

You can maintain your attic yourself which will save you some money. But it’s not an easy job, so hiring a professional might be a good choice. Either way, if you have issues, treating them will save you money on energy bills, up to 40%. You’ll find hundreds of DIY articles and tips on the Internet if you want to handle things up yourself. At TRAVERSAIR, we like Energy Star’s Rule Your Attic program: https://www.energystar.gov/newhomes/rule_your_attic

Need Help with Your Air Conditioning System?

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