What to Expect When You’re Expecting… Great Service

When Tim Travers founded TRAVERSAIR, he made a pledge to himself, his employees, his suppliers and his customers that he would always deliver the kind of quality service that he demanded for himself. He had learned from working for other HVAC companies what NOT to do. And more importantly, he realized he could give customers what they want and deserve – uncompromising excellent service. So what does that really mean?

In the big picture, it means genuinely caring about people and results. But on a day-to-day level, it means consistent best practices. Here are some that you can expect.

We answer our phones.
No long hold buttons. No navigating through a laborious voice mail system. You’ll actually reach a live HVAC professional during regular business hours. On nights and weekends, we’ll return your call the next business day.

We are HVAC Ninjas.
When our technicians are working on your system, you can do whatever you do normally. We’ll stay out of your way. Heck, you might not even know we’re there.

A mission of education.
TRAVERSAIR has made it a priority to be the most knowledgeable in the industry so the team can not only provide great service but also educate customers. Our technicians never try to upsell you anything, especially anything you don’t need. And we’ll make sure you get a full explanation of our services. We love to teach customers how to do things themselves and find ways to save money. That’s why our tag line is “service that’s telling, not selling.”

You get detailed reports.
Like the standard one on your invoice that tells you exactly what shape your system is in and what services we performed. If you’re buying a home, renting a new commercial space or having issues with cooling, you’ll get more in-depth reports, including photos and recommendations by our trained technicians on repairs and upkeep. We never fly by the seat of our pants. Because we want to save you money in the long run… and make sure you “get” what you are getting.

Thorough preventive maintenance.
We don’t cut corners. Count on us to be thorough when we perform a preventive maintenance service call. We clean drains, change filters, open up doors and check pressure… just to name a few things at the top of our list.

Ultimately, everything we do is based on building trust. That means responsiveness, reliability, accountability, open communication, concern for helping people. You know, it’s the stuff we all want… and you can expect from us!

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