The Mini Split: Nothing to Do With Romance

Have you heard about the Mini Split? And no it’s not a break-up after a short-term romance. Or you might think it has something to do with chopping wood. No, that’s not the case either.

The Mini-Split is an amazing solution for cooling a room, garage, office or small space. Especially when it’s an add-on to a home or office building you already have.


And here’s why.

Mini splits are practical. That’s because they are easy-to-install, low maintenance and easy to access. And they are virtually self-contained and less intrusive than a window unit. They operate like a split system with an outdoor condenser connected to an indoor wall unit or ceiling cassette.

Mini splits are cost effective and efficient, particularly when you compare them to the cost of expanding a central AC system and its ductwork. Also, they only use the energy they need, and because they are ductless, you don’t risk the 30% loss of energy consumption that often comes with a duct system.

Mini splits are great for these applications:
Conference Room
Garage / Work Area
Or even, your entire home.

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