Smart Tips: Higher Comfort – Lower Energy

You may have heard that the winter months in South Florida are sometimes called “Cool Summer.” That’s because while temperatures lower, we still experience tropical sun and humidity and even some very hot days. Here are a few recommendations that apply now as much as they do in the hotter months of the year.

smart-tips-traversairCeiling Fan Myth
Did you know that ceiling fans don’t actually cool? But they give you the sensation of being cool by moving air around. And that can save you money on your electric bill if you run them while your AC thermostat is set to a higher temperature. But don’t do it for the furniture. Only run your fan when you’re around.

Open Windows to Cool Off
As temperatures get cooler in South Florida, opening windows seems like a good idea. The best results come from cracking windows in various parts of the house to create a draft. But don’t forget, here in our area, we still have humidity despite the lower temperatures. Running your AC regulates humidity, so don’t run your system while the windows are open.

hvac-tips-jupiterStrategic Placement of Outdoor Plants
Another good way to keep the temp down in the house… plant bushes and trees around your southern and western sides of your home, especially around windows and doors. Window boxes also help not to mention the aesthetics.

Consider “Outdoor” Window Treatments
Everyone knows that indoor window treatments help keep your home cool. But have you considered this too: you can cover your windows with solar screens (mesh-like screens) or transparent window films to intercept the sun’s energy before it enters the home. Solar screens block 70% of the solar energy and allow you to open the windows while still keeping the heat… and the bugs out.

A Few More Quick Tips
• Be sure to maintain your AC. Replacing an older model can result in some significant energy and electric bill savings.
• Check your ducts and insulation.
• Turn off indoor lights.
• Take a cold shower instead of cranking down the AC and speeding up the fans.
• Stay hydrated.

Keep Grilling While You’re Chilling
The great thing about Florida is you can grill comfortably outside nearly year-round. You’ll save money and keep the temp cooler in your kitchen. You can even cook complete meals on your grill. Check out recipes by barbecue expert Chef Bobby Flay at


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